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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit For Nintendo Switch: What Do We Know?

Nintendo's Mario Kart Live Home Circuit For the Switch takes Mario Kart to a whole other level. 

Super Mario 3D All-Stars For Nintendo Switch: What Do We Know?

After months of speculation about Mario’s 35th anniversary, Nintendo has finally confirmed some Mario games are in the works

Standing in Solidarity as Black Lives Matter

CREX Gaming made a donation to the Atlanta Solidarity Fund to help those arrested in the protests for standing up for what they believe in.

What to Look For In The Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases

How do you really find the best Nintendo Switch cases? It's a lot easier than you might think.

Partnering with ShoppingGives

We are proud to announce that CREX Gaming is partnering with ShoppingGives, a shopping cart technology that will allow CREX Gaming to donate a percentage of their customer’s purchase to the charity of their customer’s choice

Top 5 Family Games to Play While Quarantined

Quarantine sucks but this is the perfect time to play some games and connect more with your kids or other members of your family. Here are our top five games for the family to play while staying at home living that quarantine life.

Help Us Fight Corona Virus COVID-19

CREX Gaming makes donations for the month of April to help those that are in need of medical equipment and supplies to help COVID-19 relief efforts.

Important Notice: Shipping and COVID-19 

As you know, the world is suffering from the Global Pandemic that is COVID-19. I want to quickly address how this impacts you and our products here at CREX Gaming. 

Tracking and Distributing Donations

CREX Gaming integrates with Pledgling to track and distribute donations from all sales generated from their website.

Representation in Video Games Still Needs a lot of Work

When it comes to video games, we have been making great strides in representation but for every game that features a good representation of PoC or LGBTQ+ characters, there are even more games that get it horrifically wrong. 

Has Homophobia Reached an All-Time High for LGBTQ+ Gamers?

For the longest time, the mantra “girls don’t play video games” was something that was heard often growing up. It was this idea that women and girls did not play games, and were not invited to gaming spaces often

The CRex Nintendo Switch Case is Now Available!

We are thrilled to announce that our first product, a Nintendo Switch case, has launched!