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Mario Kart Live Home Circuit For Nintendo Switch: What Do We Know?


Mario Kart Live Nintendo Switch

Nintendo is still experimenting with integrated real-life into their Nintendo Systems. Do you remember Nintendo Labo? It was Nintendo's interesting concept that allowed children and adults alike to build cardboard cut-outs to use as interactive controllers for their game software. It was definitely a unique approach to playing video games and helped encourage creativity, especially for children. While it only sold over a million units all over the world, Nintendo's stock price jumped enough for them to scratch their chins wondering what they could do next.

What Makes Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Different?

You might be thinking, "my child already owns R/C cars; what makes Mario kart Live unique?" Well, can other R/C cars have augmented reality gameplay that integrates with Nintendo's software? Nintendo's Mario Kart Live Home Circuit looks like it's aimed for children who want to be creative like Nintendo did with Nintendo Labo.

What Exactly Is Augmented Reality And How Will It Work With Mario Kart Live Home Circuit?

While the concept of augmented reality was popularized by Pokémon Go in 2016, the concept has been around for some time. If you watch the trailer for Mario Kart Live Home Circuit, you can get the general idea of how it will work. Players can be as creative as they want and add obstacles as they drive their R/C cars around the home. They can watch their creations come to life and race through their kitchen, living room, or even on a concrete patio outside. It's going to be interesting to see how creative players will get. There will undoubtedly be entire communities built around this to show off creations and collaborate on creations. Since there's bound to be some collaboration, each race can hold up to 4 players, with players also being able to race against computer-controlled opponents. Many of the Mario Kart items will be available for use with Mario kart Live Home Circuit, such as the Koopa shells. 

Will Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Work On A Carpet?

There's obviously going to be some limitations when it comes to the type of flooring used when racing their R/C cars around. At the moment, the cars look like they would struggle a little on carpeted flooring or outside grass. It seems like the optimal environments would be hardwood flooring or other floorings that don't impede the progress of the carts themselves. With how expensive the cars are (USD 99.99 for either Mario and Luigi), it's recommended to keep the karts away from outside environments like grass or mud. Keep in mind that the toy sets only feature Mario or Luigi; they do not come together. Each pack will have four gates, a charging cable, and arrow signs.

When Will Mario Kart Live Home Circuit Release?

This augmented-reality Mario title was announced alongside other Mario titles during a surprise Nintendo Direct that went over its 35th-anniversary announcements. The sets for the game will release in October 2020 and will be digital-only.