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Our First Product for the Nintendo Switch


We are very happy to share with you all the very first product announcement that we will launch from CRex Gaming. I want to take a moment to talk about how we came to this decision and design for our new Nintendo Switch Case. 

When we initially conceptualized what problem we wanted to solve in the market one thing became abundantly clear; there is an endless sea of products that all look very similar to each other. Trust us, we know. As gamers ourselves we tried out a lot of them and tried even more while creating this company. How many different ways can you make a PS4 controller charger? The answer is not a lot. They are made cheaply, they break, they fry controller batteries, and the list goes on.

Something we are very passionate about (besides gaming) is equality. One of the big things that became clear during this process was just how toxic many gaming communities have become towards women and LGBTQ gamers. It became clear we wanted to design products with these gamers in mind but also have something that is applicable for EVERY gamer.

Talk is cheap. We will be donating a portion of sales of every product that we sell to causes that align with our values and equal rights for all.

We decided that we wanted to bring to market a case for the Nintendo Switch that was small but not too small. The dimensions and design had to be right. The majority of the Switch cases you see at retailers today we tested and each one of them felt cheap, looked cheap, and barely fit the Switch itself let alone anything else you wanted to keep with it.

CRex Nintendo Switch Case

We kept with a gray tone throughout with purple outlines to keep the design simple, clean, and professional in its appearance.

We deliberately kept it simple, clean and professional because as we look to bring more and more products to market we know it is essential to hear from all of you about what it is that you want in your accessories. The community will drive product innovation and design and you will soon see us poll our social media channels and ask for your feedback for new products and designs. Inclusion isn’t just a mantra or philosophical at CRex it is part of the culture of inclusion we are looking to create in not only our company but the gaming community at large.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If you would like to know more about our company and what inspired us, please check out our About Us section.  We hope you love our first product as much as we do and you won’t hesitate to reach out and give us feedback.


Thanks and Happy Gaming, 

Adam & Amber Lazzara