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Partnering with ShoppingGives


CREX Fam, 

We have heard you loud and clear, you want more control over where your donations are going. We got you. 

We are proud to announce that CREX Gaming is partnering with ShoppingGives, a shopping cart technology that will allow CREX Gaming to donate a percentage of their customer’s purchase to the charity of their customer’s choice - right from the checkout cart, at no extra cost to the customer. Beginning on May 1st, 2020, this partnership will enable CREX Gaming’s customers to make a meaningful impact when they check out from the online store.


On the product pages, you will notice how much of a donation that the product is eligible for. 


CREX Gaming Checkout

You'll notice the select button which will give you the opportunity to select one of our featured causes or search for your very own cause that is important to you.


CREX Gaming Charity Selection


You'll be able to track your shopping impact by creating a free account at ShoppingGives

Thank you for all of your continued support!


About ShoppingGives:

ShoppingGives exists to create social impact with every purchase, using its new-to-market retailer technology, Change Commerce, which allows retailers and customers to experience the ease of frictionless giving. Retailers are able to integrate Change Commerce directly into their checkout process, enabling them to donate a percentage or amount of purchase on behalf of their customers to the cause of their choice. By simplifying and personalizing the donation process, ShoppingGives creates a unique opportunity to actively engage customers in their CSR strategy. For more information, please visit