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Representation in Video Games Still Needs a lot of Work

When it comes to video games, we have been making great strides in representation but for every game that features a good representation of PoC or LGBTQ+ characters, there are even more games that get it horrifically wrong. 

Can We Get More Female Video Game Leads That Aren’t Oversexualized, Please?

For a girl gamer, logging into a game is mostly equal to facing disappointments and getting frustrated from the endless search for a female lead character that represents them, despite the fact that female gamers make up about half of the gaming community.

Building Products For a More Inclusive Future

Our mission is focused on designing gaming products that appeal to a broader and more inclusive demographic so that ALL gamers can feel represented as an equal in the gaming community

We Believe in Gaming Equality

Everything in gaming is designed for men. Both products and games are designed for and by men. We are going to change this dynamic and design products that appeal to everyone while fostering an environment of inclusion with all of our products.