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Tracking and Distributing Donations

Pledging Donations

One of the key tenets of CREX gaming is to give back to those that are under represented, not just in gaming but life in general. With every product sale that is made from our website we will donate 5% of the total to the following charities: 

We want to be 100% transparent with our donation efforts so we have partnered with Pledgeling Give & Grow. Pledgeling is a provider that will track the donations that are coming from sales across our website and will distribute the donations to these organizations.

You’ll see something like this across our product pages. 

CREX Gaming and Pledgling

You’ll also have some options to either round up your purchase or add on an additional donation, the choice is yours but either way CREX will be donating 5% of your purchase total.

Thank all of you for your continued support, it's amazing to see how many of you that are out there that want to see positive change across our country and gaming communities. Keep your feedback coming!