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What to Look For In The Best Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite Cases

 Nintendo Switch Carrying Case CREX Gaming


There is no shortage of choices when deciding on a protective case for your Nintendo Switch on the market today. If you’ve done your research you have undoubtedly seen the countless articles about “what is the best Nintendo Switch carrying case to buy” or “Here are the best Nintendo Switch travel cases for 2020”. There are dozens of these articles that try to lure you into purchasing one of the “chosen” accessories because they are “the best”. 

Here’s a fun fact, a lot of those articles are promoting nothing more than affiliate links so they can get a commission on the sale of one of the products that they have written about. So much for objective journalism. 

So what should you look for in a case to keep your Switch protected? Well, that depends on your needs. 

Here are some things to consider: 

  • Do you need something that is extremely durable in the event you forget your Switch on the top of the car and then it gets run over by a truck and then dragged down the highway? 
  • Do you need to carry all of your Switch accessories, pro controller, additional Joy-Cons, cables, dock, and of course the extraordinarily large brick of a power cord? If so, here's a terrific option: The Ultimate Switch Case 
  • Are you looking for a case that is light, not too bulky, yet offers enough protection to keep your Switch free from dents and scratches along with some extra cables or small accessories? Check out our CREX Case
  • Or maybe something thin and light that provides minimal protection and only holds your switch and some games? 

When you are reviewing your options, look at the build quality and the materials used in the construction of the case. If there are customer images in the reviews, take a close look at those because the marketing images you see in the product listing are going to hide any flaws that a case might have. 

Instead of listening to the “experts” ask yourself what you need and find something that fits your lifestyle and keeps your Switch protected so that you can continue to meet the needs of Tom Nook in Animal Crossing. We all know how needy he can be.

Tom Nook Animal Crossing