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You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a few moments to address some good questions that have been presented to us since we launched our brand at the start of the year.

You recently ran an ad that said you will be standing up for inequality in gaming how so?

Talk is cheap. We will be donating a portion of all of our sales to charitable causes that support equal rights for everyone.

How do you design products for female gamers are you just going to make products pink and call it for females?

This is an important question to address. The goal isn’t to just slap some pink on products and call them products for females. From our visual design perspective, we design our products to be gender neutral so that anyone regardless of identified gender can feel comfortable rocking our designs.

In our future, we will be designing more advanced products such as headsets that form fit women and not just make a standard universal size for everyone. Gaming products to help your game should fit the gamer.

What kinds of gaming accessories will you be designing?

We are beginning with designing products that have a visual appeal and will look natural in your home or on your person. Accessories traditionally, stick out like a sore thumb, we will aim to fix that.

How will you support gamers?

We will begin by donating a portion of proceeds from our products to various groups and causes that align with our values. Please check out our supporting causes page for more details on who we will be supporting.

Can you tell us about your first product? 

The first and soon to be announced product was designed with simplicity and functionality for Nintendo Switch gamers. Our intention is to present future designs to our community for their input on design and function. We want to be very community-driven with these products and make them with the best interests of gamers in mind.